Garage started as a simple question: Could we leverage a shared parking solution to make people's lives easier when it came to finding parking?

From there, it soon became apparent that shared parking can not only help make finding parking easier, it can have an impact on the whole ecosystem. Cities spend millions of dollars building concrete parkades that take away green spaces, because cities need more parking inventory for more cars that ply the street everyday.


Garage wants to change that. We want to encourage cities to have more green spaces, less concrete parkades, and instead have a focus on better inventory management through shared parking. Homes, Alleyways and Condos all have existing parking inventory that is reserved and unused for the most part of the day. Instead of building more parkades, what if we were to facilitate the sharing of these private parking spots when their owners were not using it? What if we could increase the efficiency of inventory occupancy from 10 - 15% a day to 75 - 80% a day? Could we reduce the need for more parking inventory if we were to just utilize existing inventory better?


And from a very simple quest to help find easier parking, Garage became something more. Something better. Our goal is to help cities become greener and smarter by facilitating better inventory management through a shared parking solution. Join us by choosing to share your parking spot, or renting a shared parking spot.