How it Works

Owner shares a parking spot they own.

Driver uses Garage to find a parking spot.

Driver books, parks a while and books out.

Garage transfers funds from Driver to Owner.


Thousands of cars are parked close to your parking spot everyday. Make money by renting your parking spot when you are not using it.

Join now and Garage will pay you up to $50 in in-app credits for being awesome enough to share your spot!



People are sharing hundreds of private parking spots in your city! Park like a boss by renting someone's reserved parking spot for cheaper.

If you don't find a parking spot close to where you want us, just let us know and we'll secure a shared parking spot for you for within 48 hours. Use it for a few hours, a day, or a month - there are no obligations and absolutely no strings attached.

Ready to Make Parking Easy?


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