Earn hundreds of additional dollars a month by sharing your private parking spot. Plus, by sharing your spot, you help your city become greener and smarter.


Listing Your Parking Spot

Type in your parking spot's address. Or, if you're at the spot, just press the GPS button and Garage will automatically find it.

Then, upload a photo of your spot so people know what it looks like. You can even upload your own picture, but don't worry, that's optional.

Setting Constraints and Price

Let Garage know when your parking spot is available. If you use your spot after 6 pm everyday for example, Garage won't let anyone else book your spot after that time.

And finally, set your price for your parking spot. You can choose from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly prices.



Stop worrying about finding parking. Garage can unlock thousands of private parking spots in your city.


Finding a Parking Spot

Simply open the Garage app and choose an available shared parking spot from the map. 

You can browse through different available spots, as well as any particular notes about the spot.

Booking a Parking Spot

Just tell Garage how long you want the spot for, and you're done. All transactions are digital.

If you're stressed about finding parking around a destination like most people, you can even book a parking spot in advance.  Get absolute peace of mind knowing you are guaranteed a parking spot even before you start driving.